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Josh Smith, REALTOR®
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$1,495,000 90914070
This commercial and recreational property has just become available, in an incredible location 15 minutes from Downtown Houston and a block north of TX Hwy Beltway 8, and just east of Hwy 288. The 18.9 acre property features a 14-acre 100% spring-fed lake. The property is completely unrestricted, ideal for commercial use. Currently, there is a successful multi-use training facility on the property— including swimming, scuba-diving, kayaking, and more. It is also a hotspot for triathlon training. The business has potential for six figure income.

The lake is crystal clear, with water visibility up to 20 ft and a depth of up to 40 ft. There are outbuilding improvements in the northwest corner of the property, and multiple docks around the circumference of the lake. Of note, is the property is completely out of FEMA flood plain, and remained unflooded during the 2017 storms. Sandy soil is present on the property, that keeps the water very clear. This is a rare opportunity to own a large, pristine lake fed by major springs, with unlimited income potential.

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• Beautiful Property with 14-Acre Spring-fed Lake • Amazing Location a block north of Beltway 8, and just East of Hwy 288
• Successful Water Recreation Business on Property • No Restrictions
• Crystal Clear Water Perfect for Scuba Diving • 15 Minutes from Downtown Houston