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Luxury Real Estate Seller's FAQs and Resources

First impressions really are everything when a potential buyer is looking at a piece of luxury real estate. Ensuring that your home gives the best possible first impression to potential buyers is absolutely crucial to the selling process, and there are several very simple ways to ensure that your luxury home not only gives a positive first impression but stands out in Austin’s competitive luxury real estate market. Ensuring that the outside of your home has a manicured lawn and landscaping gives your home added curb appeal that can help your luxury residence sell quickly and for the desired value. Next, decluttering and cleaning your home makes it easier to show, take photographs of, and helps during an open house event. Hiring a great realtor is probably the most important part of the early home selling process, and there is no better luxury real estate agency in Austin than DMTX. We will help you ready your home to sell with proper staging, photography and other strategies that our years of experience selling luxury homes in Austin have proven to work.

There is quite often a huge difference between a home’s assessed value and market value, appraised value, or listing price. A home’s assessed value is simply the way that a municipality, such as Travis County, calculate the amount of property taxes that are due. Multiply the homes assessed value by its tax rate and you get the total amount of property taxes due. The market value of a home is what one might expect to sell the property for and is a subjective number that a real estate agent can help you with. For more information on how a home’s market value and, therefore listing price, is calculated, check our home valuation guide or contact DMTX, Austin’s best luxury real estate agency, today!

Every luxury home is different and requires a different marketing tactic and strategy to sell it. Along with this, Austin’s luxury home market is constantly changing and it takes a real estate agency that specializes in selling luxury homes and Central Texas ranches to really understand the current market. DMTX has sold thousands of luxury properties over the years and every unique home has a unique formula to market it, so contacting one of our highly skilled luxury real estate agents is the easiest way to determine how long of a listing agreement is needed to sell your luxury home in the Austin area. Contact a DMTX real estate agent today!

DMTX utilizes a huge array of resources to market all of our luxury homes and acreage properties. Every luxury home has unique features that are great marketing points and our individualized approach to marketing luxury homes and ranches makes the formula different in every case. Check our Why Us page and learn more about DMTX unique marketing assets such as our email database with tens of thousands of qualified buyers and agents, our vast connections that only years of experience and the reputation of having sold hundreds of luxury homes in Austin can provide, and our over 100,000 social media followers.

DMTX knows that there are lots of resources you might need when it comes to selling a luxury home so we compiled a list of some of our favorite service providers in Austin, from surveyors to landscapers and cleaning services, we want to recommend the pros and make this process as easy as possible for you. Check our preferred vendors list here.

How do you value widely varying luxury properties in Austin and Central Texas?

Location is certainly one of the most important contributing factors when it comes to assigning the appropriate value to a beautiful piece of land in the Texas Hill Country, luxury home, or neighborhood lot. If you are selling a ranch, this is obviously one of the factors that is most looked at. Different counties all across Texas, from Travis and Hays to Blanco or Bastrop, feature many different species and quantities of local wildlife and vegetation,  as well as terrains and climates. Each area has its own characteristics that appeal to different buyers. The same can be said for luxury homes in areas like Austin; Tarrytown has its desirable location close to downtown, as well as being central to other popular destinations around Austin such as Barton Springs, but Lakeway has its proximity to Lake Travis and other destinations such as shopping malls or golf courses that make it desirable as well.

Curb appeal and property features are another large set of factors in a home’s value. some buyers love a modern look while others Prefer a classic Victorian or vintage look, and yet, some would rather have a luxurious rustic feel to their home. Each of these looks appear on luxury properties throughout Austin, so other amenities also come into play when considering a luxury home’s curb appeal. Sports courts, theater rooms, gyms, wine cellars, and pools are often unique features of a home that may make it vastly easier to sell, as well as raise the home’s value. Waterfront properties quite often demand much higher prices than a similar home not on the water, but just having water access is also desirable and raises the value of a home as well. In Austin’s everchanging luxury real estate scene, some buyers may even be most interested in a luxurious condo in one of Austin’s newly constructed high-rises, and this comes with its own set of benefits as well.

One of the most basic factors in property value is the size of the home and the land it is built on.  Square footage, as well as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, are important characteristics that every home has, and every buyer has their own individual desires and needs. Because of this, in regards to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, there are no distinct levels of desirability in this category and it largely depends on the wants and needs of the buyer and an acceptable ratio. The main exception when it comes to size is the acreage of the parcel of land that is included with the home. Many luxury residences in Central Texas come with large plots of land and some locations obviously command more per an acre than others, but in general, a property that has less acreage than another doesn’t command as high of a price.

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