As some of you may know, in the past months we have added Aerial Photography to our client services.  DMTX is constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve with marketing your property, and this just seemed like a no-brainer to us.  In addition to residential, we also take on a lot of farm and ranch listings.  These can be large properties with a variety of features.  Having a bird’s eye view can give a potential buyer the info they need to make an informed decision and feel good about their knowledge of the property they are buying.

Here is a shot of a great new property we have out in Jonestown, north of Lake Travis.  A one of a kind Hill Country Contemporary home.  You can clearly see where the windmills are located, as well as the park area that fronts the home.

DCIM109MEDIA10899 Deer Canyon


The property also has a great top deck atop the roof you can take an elevator to.  Amazing views.


10899 Deer Canyon


Aerial Photography can really help one visualize where the different parts of a property are in relation to each other, as well as what you might be facing every day when you walk out from the main residence.  This is a great property we have in Gonzalez, Texas.  To the left you can see the main luxury barn, which looks out to a beautiful pasture leading to the San Marcos River.  To the right is a shaded park area, and a 2nd work barn.


Living Waters Ranch


Of course we also employ our drone to take video footage.  Get a bird’s eye view of the San Marcos River waterfront mentioned above!



Jonathan Berry | Marketing Director