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Jonathan Berry– DMTX Realty Group’s own Dave Murray and Josh Smith recently traveled to Beijing, China, to meet with some of the foremost real estate investors in the world. Presenting at the LPS Beijing conference, Dave met with top investors and developers from not only Asia, but across Europe and the Middle East, particularly from Dubai.

“Austin was well known to many I spoke with, but some were not completely familiar with the outstanding growth Austin is seeing,” said Dave Murray. “I had the chance to talk to them about some of the incredible opportunities there are in both development projects, and land investments around Central Texas.”

LPS has become a major hub for real estate investors on an international scale. They also host a conference in Hong Kong as well.

“We were able to really make a lot of strong contacts, and we are in touch with several investment funds looking for opportunities. It was also great to compare notes on widely different real estate markets and learn from each other. We are currently working on portfolios to present. Overall, everyone I talked to seem to have a keen interest in Texas.”

Luckily, Dave and Josh had some time for a little R&R, visiting the Great Wall of China, among other places. See the photos below!