How's Your MarketHow’s the market is the number one question on the minds of most property owners. Whether looking to sell in the near future or not, owners want to stay up to date and know that their investment is protected.

That said, a more appropriate question to ask is, How’s Your Market?  Because real estate is hyper-local in nature, property value trends in Central Austin can vary significantly from outlying areas.  Let us help keep you up to date.  Request a Market Evaluation for Your Home & Neighborhood.

DMTX Move Up ProgramSelling one home & buying another at the same time can be a pretty tricky process. Fortunately, DMTX Realty has been helping Austin area property owners simplify the Move Up Process for almost 30 years now. Our dynamic marketing strategy will help maximize the proceeds from the sale of your current home and sell it fast enough so you do not miss out on the opportunity to move on to the next stage in life.

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