Austin’s Top School Districts

Austin's Top School Districts

Welcome to Austin, Texas! You’re in the right place if you’re a family looking for a new home. Austin is known for its great schools, making it a perfect city for families. In this guide, we’ll explore Austin’s top school districts and see how they can affect the value of homes. Let’s find the perfect spot for your family!

Austin's Top School Districts

Austin’s Top School Districts and Home Values Relation

The connection between home values and good school districts is important in real estate, especially for family homebuyers. This connection is based on the desire for quality education, a cornerstone for family decision-making when purchasing a home. Firstly, good school districts often mean a well-maintained, family-friendly community that attracts homebuyers. This increased demand typically drives up property values, making homes in these areas a good investment.

One of the primary reasons for this trend is parents’ emphasis on education. A high-performing school district often means better educational outcomes for children, a top priority for many families. As a result, homes in the areas of reputable schools tend to have higher resale values. These districts often receive more funding, leading to better facilities and resources, which draw more families to the area. This creates a cycle where the demand for homes in these districts continually rises, increasing property values.

Another aspect to consider is the stability of home values in these areas. Good school districts are often less impacted by market fluctuations, maintaining their value even during economic downturns. This stability is attractive for investors and families, who see these properties as safe and potentially profitable long-term investments.

Homes in top school districts are about more than immediate financial implications. They are also about their intangible benefits, community, better social and educational opportunities for children, and overall quality of life. These factors contribute to the value of such neighborhoods, making them highly sought after.

Austin's Top School Districts

Eanes Independent School District

Eanes Independent School District serves approximately 8,000 students at nine schools: six elementary schools (grades K-5), two middle schools (grades 6-8), and one high school (grades 9-12). Eanes ISD is ranked as the number one school district by

The Eanes Independent School District is one of Austin’s most prestigious. Schools like Westlake High School are known for excellent education. Families love this area for its top-notch schools and beautiful homes. Living here means your kids get the best education, and your home’s value stays strong. Plus, there are parks and fun places nearby for weekend adventures!

Schools in the Eanes Independent School District

  • Barton Creek Elementary School
  • Bridge Point Elementary School
  • Cedar Creek Elementary School
  • Eanes Elementary
  • Forest Trail Elementary
  • Valley View Elementary
  • Hill Country Middle School
  • West Ridge Middle School
  • Westlake High School

Austin's Top School Districts

Austin Independent School District

Austin Independent School District operates 116 schools, including 78 elementary schools, 19 middle schools, and 17 high schools. Austin ISD is ranked as the sixth-best school district by

The Austin Independent School District is big and diverse, offering lots of choices for families. Schools like Bowie High School stand out for their strong programs. This district is in the heart of Austin, so living here means being close to city fun. Homes in this area are a great choice because good schools make them more valuable over time.

Schools in the Austin Independent School District

Austin's Top School Districts

Round Rock Independent School District

Round Rock Independent School District operates 34 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, and seven high schools. Round Rock ISD is ranked as the fourth-best school district by

Round Rock Independent School District is known for schools like Round Rock High School. Families pick this district for its blend of quality education and community feel. Homes in Round Rock are in demand because of the schools, which means they’re a smart choice for families thinking about the future.

Schools in the Round Rock Independent School District

Austin's Top School Districts

Lake Travis Independent School District

Lake Travis Independent School District operates seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school. Lake Travis ISD is ranked as the fifth-best school district by

Lake Travis Independent School District offers schools like Lake Travis High School. This district is perfect for families who love nature and top schools. Homes near Lake Travis are sought after, not just for the schools but also for the beautiful lake views and outdoor activities.

Schools in the Lake Travis Independent School District

  • Lake Travis High School
  • Hudson Bend Middle School
  • Lake Travis Middle School
  • Bee Cave Middle School
  • Bee Cave Elementary School
  • Lake Pointe Elementary School
  • Lake Travis Elementary School
  • Lakeway Elementary School
  • Rough Hollow Elementary School
  • Serene Hills Elementary School
  • West Cypress Hills Elementary

Austin's Top School Districts

Leander Independent School District

Leander ISD operates 29 elementary schools, nine middle schools, and six high schools. Leander ISD is ranked as the third-best school district by

Leander Independent School District, with schools like Vandegrift High School, is growing fast. Families choose Leander for its blend of new opportunities and solid education. Homes in Leander are a good investment, thanks to the growing demand driven by the district’s reputation.

Schools in the Leander Independent School District

Austin's Top School Districts

Finding Your Home in One of Austin’s Top School Districts

At DMTX Realty, we know all about Austin’s neighborhoods and schools. We can help you find the right home for your family. Here’s how we do it:

  • Talk About Your Dream Home: Tell us what you’re looking for. Big yard? Close to a park? We’re all ears!
  • Explore Neighborhoods: We’ll show you the best areas with top schools.
  • Find the Right Fit: We’ll find homes that match what you want and are near great schools.

Austin's Top School Districts

Tips for Home Buyers

  • Visit the Schools: Take a tour and meet the teachers.
  • Check the Commute: Make sure you can get to work easily from your new home.
  • Think About the Future: A house near one of Austin’s top school districts is a smart choice for now and later.

Austin's Top School Districts

Your Next Steps

Ready to find a home near Austin’s top schools? Here’s what to do:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to DMTX Realty. We’re friendly and ready to help you find a home in one of Austin’s top school districts!
  2. Make a Plan: We’ll discuss your needs and start the search.
  3. Find Your Dream Home: With our help, you’ll find the perfect place for your family.


Finding the perfect home in Austin means looking at Austin’s top school districts. Great schools like those in Eanes, Austin, Round Rock, Lake Travis, and Leander make these areas perfect for families. Not only do they offer excellent education, but they also keep home values strong. If you’re ready to find your family’s dream home in Austin, DMTX Realty is here to help!