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Chance is a native Texan from Houston and has explored all four of the regions that make up this great state. He will be entering his senior year at the University of Texas studying Sports Management with a minor certificate in Business. Chance has grown up in the outdoors on ranches and has always had a great appreciation for Texas and the beautiful land that it boasts. He wants to further his career in that area because of the joy that it brings him. His friends, family and colleagues regard him as a steward of the land as he has worked on ranches for a large part of his life, whether it be a 100 or 1,000+ acres. He has seen what it takes to be for these properties to be managed and maintained properly. Now, Chance wants to extend his growth in the farm and ranch industry on the next leg of the journey with Texas Land. He has been with the team for almost a year, and is eager to grow his experiences in real estate with this esteemed group. There is no lack in knowledge or respect for the properties that they see on a daily basis. Chance is excited to continue along the path of exploring the wide open spaces and helping buyers and sellers along the way. He can't wait to see y'all out in the country!

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