DMTX & Join Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams

DMTX Realty Group and have been serving the Central Texas areas for nearly 30 years, and we have always focused on forming partnerships with the best companies and people that we possibly can. Our consistent focus on improvement has resulted in amazing success in the Austin and central Texas real estate markets, year after year, Dave Murray has been the #1 agent in the area for his brokerage and in the top 1% of teams in greater Austin. Once again, after thorough due diligence, thought and planning, we have reached a decision to form an incredible partnership with Gary Keller and Keller Williams Realty! A truly amazing opportunity for DMTX,, KW, and all of the people we help.

This transition will involve a literal transformation of our business that will benefit our clients more than anything we have ever done! We have now partnered with The #1 Real Estate company in the world, #1 in Texas, and #1 in Austin. KW is also ranked #1 in training out of any company in the world, not just in the real estate segment. KW is subjectively also ranked #1 in technology out of all real estate companies, and #1 in countless other categories. That’s a LOT of #1s! Ranking #1 in so many areas, in and out of the real estate industry, it is easy to see why KW is such a good match for us! We are extremely excited for the changes to come and hope you will be too!

The partnership comes with an expansion of our abilities in a variety of areas. The exposure for our clients will be greatly enhanced, our marketing budget has increased tenfold, and we are even more of a technology-focused real estate group, utilizing every piece of tech that KW has to offer. Everything about this move will be a great benefit to our clients and to our team!