Our Guide to Austin Public and Private Schools

Austin Public and Private Schools

With 727 public, charter, and private schools within its boundaries, it is safe to say that Austin offers a lot of options for students and their families. Which Austin schools have the best rankings? Here is our Austin School Guide for parents wondering where their children’s educational needs will be best served.


First, we will start with Austin’s preschools, since entering into school is such a critical part in early childhood development. One of the most well-known schools that is home to pre-school classes is the Abacus School of Austin. Its Abacus Kindergarten program offers a curriculum designed to help each child reach their full potential. There are two locations to choose from: one in the Northwest Austin neighborhood of Cedar Park and their newer location in Leander.

As far as private preschools go, Austin STEM Academy offers teaching directly from staff who are also parents. Students range in age from 18 months to 5 years old. They are the only Austin school to offer STEM-based early childhood learning.

Public Schools

Austin Public Schools can vary by district. Eanes Independent School District often tops the Austin school ranking. Eanes schools have excellent STEM programs and has an average graduation rate of 99%.

Leander Independent School District is noted for having some of the best teachers in Austin. It is also a highly rated school in terms of athletics. It is home to a grand total of 27 elementary schools, nine middle schools, and eight high schools.

Dripping Springs Independent School District is home to about 7,210 students in grades Pre-K through 12. AP programs are offered, as are programs catered to gifted students. There is a student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1, meaning that children are able to get more individualized attention from their teachers.

Public Charter Schools

Austin is home to some well-regarded public charter schools. With a high Austin school standing, NYOS Charter School gives students two Pre-K-12 schools to choose from. A child can start and end their school career in the same school. Also, NYOS offers AP programs and strives to instill college and career readiness in its students. It is one of the highest-ranked schools as far as teachers go, and its students appreciate its racial and socioeconomic diversity.

Private Schools

Austin private schools total 117 locations and cater to almost 20,000 students. Tuition for Austin’s private schools is about $2,000 higher than Texas average, but many parents feel it is well worth the cost.

Challenger School has two locations – Avery Ranch and Pond Springs – that are both highly regarded. This independent private school has helped children excel in learning journeys for over 50 years. Avery Ranch serves students in Pre-K-8, and Pond Springs caters to students in nursery school through kindergarten. Their curriculum emphasizes the foundations of knowledge, and summer school classes are available.

Open since 1997, the Austin Peace School has also consistently stood atop the Austin school standing. This school is for Islamic students from preschool through 12th grade. There are only 545 students in this school, making for an 11:1 student-teacher ratio.

As you can see, Austin schools offer a lot of variety. Whatever your child needs, there will be a district with a school that can cater to them. Rich with resources and strong core curriculum, these schools are turning the leaders of tomorrow into the leaders of today.