A little about me

Reid is a farm raised, Georgia bred, Texas loving, outdoor enthusiast with a background in commercial real estate and supply chain management who now specializes in recreational, investment, and development land brokerage. He set up roots in Austin, TX five years ago after graduating top of his class from Auburn University with a degree in Supply Chain Management and went on to gain valuable corporate experience in global operations with Apple and AMD. Having spent a lifetime immersed in his family’s commercial real estate firm, learning the keys to land management on their farm and traveling the world pursuing a passion for hunting and fishing, Reid chose to make a career out of his experiences and passions. He is able to leverage his experiences in real estate, analytical capabilities, and understanding of land/wildlife management in a way that gives clients reassurance that their personal and financial goals in a land transaction are achieved. 

Client Testimonials

"Reid worked with us to help locate, negotiate for and acquire the perfect future retirement property Read More Read Less
"I would Highly recommend using Reid for any land purchase. He is very knowledgeable and always answ Read More Read Less